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What the mother needs to know about her baby

When the new born baby starts to see clearly? All babies can see but they only developed clear vision by 6 months of age. At birth the baby can detect light and motion. They can recognise the mother by sensation rather than vision. At 3 months of age they can see faces and stare at […]

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Few adverse events found in noninvasive, minimally invasive cosmetic procedures

Source: Medical News Today A tiny fraction of adverse events occurred after dermatologists performed more than 20,000 noninvasive and minimally invasive cosmetic procedures, according to a study published online by JAMA Dermatology. Cosmetic dermatology is a well-developed field and data suggest the procedures are associated with a low rate of adverse events, according to background […]

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Laser for tattoo removal appears to improve facial acne scarring

Source: Medical News Today A laser used to remove unwanted tattoos appears to improve facial acne scarring, according to a study published online by JAMA Dermatology. Acne and subsequent scarring can have psychological effects. Lasers are used in the treatment of acne scarring. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved the use of a […]

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Acupuncture Detox as Part of Drug Rehabilitation

Source: Acupuncture Today In the U.S., more than 2,000 alcohol and drug rehabilitation programs have added ear acupuncture to their practice. The development of the protocol was determined by Lincoln Hospital as it delivered 100 acupuncture treatments daily. Lincoln Hospital got their experience from Miami Drug Court, which is nationally recognized. Acupuncture offers a basis […]

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Following the Thinking of the Classics

Source: Acupuncture Today I have heard about the “best time of day” to carry out certain examinations or therapies. For example, I remember making a note years ago that early morning is the best time to take someone’s pulses. Naturally, I take pulses all day not only in the morning so I decided to remind […]

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